Friday, 16 July 2010

iPhone 4 Antenna problems

I downloaded 4.0.1 last night and at home I could still cover the antenna and the signal would drop a bit, but at work, I cant reproduce it. I know at work I only have an Edge connection and at home 3G, so maybe that is why, but I cant help thinking that perhaps the "fix" is simply a cover up?

To be honest, it never made much difference to me - I dont really use my iPhone for calls anyway, its more like my life organiser with the ability to make calls. I do text a lot though, so the phone features are not completly devoid.

Lets see what the press release has to say today - hopefully I'll get a free bumper out of it :)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My experience of iPhone 4

So, I was one of the saddo's standing in line for 2 hours on the day of release to get my iPhone 4. If I'm honest, it was more about wanting to be one of the first to have one rather than having to have it as soon as possible. Afterall, I'd still been pretty happy with my 3G.

I must admit, that it's a bit of an anti climax really. Yes the camera is better and there;s one in the front, and the flash is welcomed too, but really it's not much different all in all. The best thing for me was the speed, not having it crash all the time when trying to open my TomTom application etc, and also the compass - however these features had both been improved on the 3GS.

Normally when I've gotten new phones in the past, they've been different manufacturers and you have the whole new discovery, setting it up just how you want and entering contact information etc. I guess 99% of people would be glad to just plug it in and have everything already setup so I shouldnt complain really.

This is actually also the first time I've upgraded to the upgrade of my previous phone, so maybe that added to my little bit of disapointment?

So, my experience of buying the iPhone4 wasnt up to the hype I'd created, but this doesnt mean that its not a great phone. I thought the iPhone 3G was the best phone I've ever used and this is no exception, it's just not as much of a leap forward as I was expecting.

This issue of signal is causing a bit of hype though. I cant say during a call Ive notice the effect, however when surfing the web, I have noticed my signal degrade significantly and I end up holding it in some strange positions. I agree that Apple should issue free bumpers, but then at the same time, I have a case for my phone and it probably wouldnt fit in with a bumper, so Im nt sure I'd use it.

Friday, 23 April 2010

DELL is in the air

So, Dell have leaked details of 5 new mobiles and a tablet.

I've got to say, a couple of them (Flash and Thunder) look rather nice, but will they steer me away from the next iPhone? I doubt it. I'm apple through and through now and somehow they've blinkered me to the potential delights of others out there.

Some people may think this is insane, but I'm happy with my apple products, I like how I have all my music stored on my mac in iTunes and then syncing it with my phone is simple.

The iPhone is more than just about the phone itself. What would I do if I found myself in a situation I couldnt download an app for? I know logically there cannot be an app for everything, the only problem is, I've never not found one that I've been searching for, and that my friends is all you need to know.

I have heard other rumours that apple are going to let other mobile manufacturers implement their OS, maybe then I may consider an alternative brand.

As a final note, an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay, and blackberries just give you the shits.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

iPhone HD Leaked

So, the new iPhone has supposedly been leaked. Its all sounding very genuine, and I hope it is as it looks awesome! My only problem is, I just cant understand how a corporation like Apple would allow something like this to happen.

I know a lot of people reckon they've done it deliberately, but I agree with the theory that rumours of a new iPhone would effect the sales of the iPad, so I don't think this has been deliberate.

What are your thoughts - Stupid employee (soon to be ex-employee), or clever marketing.

Friday, 9 April 2010

iPhone OS4.0 and the New Sony Vaio

So, now it's been confirmed that iPhone OS4.0 will support multi-tasking. I won't comment much on this as there is an abundance of information out there about it, however I will pick up on the details of 5 times digital zoom.

The reason for this is that it aligns with the theory that the iPhone HD will have a far superior camera, but also I've heard rumours that the camera will move to the center of the back, rather than the top left. Moving to this position will be ideal to use the volume rocker as the zoom controls??

Other rumours I've heard about are some exciting Sony Vaio products on the way. It seems that they are starting to blur the lines somewhat between their products and now we will begin to see laptops that can remote play PS3 movies (like with the PSP), and also be used as a remote keyboard. But even more excitingly, I've heard about a new compact netbook that will include eReader software, where you can hold it like a book.

Looking at the dimensions, I figured it impossible to be anything particularly special, but rumours have it that the spec is going to be somewhat beefy for it's size.

I for one, am looking forward to checking this product out. Will it be an iPad killer though? Time will tell...

Thursday, 1 April 2010

iPhone HD v iPad

So, the rumours of the new iPhone are flying around the net today, just 2 days before the release of the iPad. With all it's hype are people sick of it before it's even released?

Personally I'm looking forward to both releases and will definatly be getting myself the new iPhone. I've even resisted not upgrading my current iPhone now I'm out of contract!!!

I have a few apple haters at work, and they dont see the point of the iPad. But I think because all it's other features have been so heavily focused on, people are forgetting it's main purpose as an eReader! OK, fair enough, it's going to be quite an expensive book, but I think when you're getting an eReader and a portable DVD player replacement in 1, it's not too badly priced (well assuming it's under £400).

My only concern is, when people have a choice between reading a book or watching a movie, are there really gonna be many books read on it? Time will tell I guess.

So, back to the iPhone HD. I'm really liking the theory on how multi-tasking is going to work, sounds very usable and therefore very apple! I also like the idea of being able to add direct access to contacts on the home screen - like speed dials! I know this is all basic stuff and should have been available from the start, but really, did even nokia get their OS right within 4 generations (some may say it's still not right!! and dont even get me started on windows).

So other things they are talking about is top of the range camera - all well and good but not top of my priority and full HD screen (hence the name).