Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My experience of iPhone 4

So, I was one of the saddo's standing in line for 2 hours on the day of release to get my iPhone 4. If I'm honest, it was more about wanting to be one of the first to have one rather than having to have it as soon as possible. Afterall, I'd still been pretty happy with my 3G.

I must admit, that it's a bit of an anti climax really. Yes the camera is better and there;s one in the front, and the flash is welcomed too, but really it's not much different all in all. The best thing for me was the speed, not having it crash all the time when trying to open my TomTom application etc, and also the compass - however these features had both been improved on the 3GS.

Normally when I've gotten new phones in the past, they've been different manufacturers and you have the whole new discovery, setting it up just how you want and entering contact information etc. I guess 99% of people would be glad to just plug it in and have everything already setup so I shouldnt complain really.

This is actually also the first time I've upgraded to the upgrade of my previous phone, so maybe that added to my little bit of disapointment?

So, my experience of buying the iPhone4 wasnt up to the hype I'd created, but this doesnt mean that its not a great phone. I thought the iPhone 3G was the best phone I've ever used and this is no exception, it's just not as much of a leap forward as I was expecting.

This issue of signal is causing a bit of hype though. I cant say during a call Ive notice the effect, however when surfing the web, I have noticed my signal degrade significantly and I end up holding it in some strange positions. I agree that Apple should issue free bumpers, but then at the same time, I have a case for my phone and it probably wouldnt fit in with a bumper, so Im nt sure I'd use it.

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