Thursday, 1 April 2010

iPhone HD v iPad

So, the rumours of the new iPhone are flying around the net today, just 2 days before the release of the iPad. With all it's hype are people sick of it before it's even released?

Personally I'm looking forward to both releases and will definatly be getting myself the new iPhone. I've even resisted not upgrading my current iPhone now I'm out of contract!!!

I have a few apple haters at work, and they dont see the point of the iPad. But I think because all it's other features have been so heavily focused on, people are forgetting it's main purpose as an eReader! OK, fair enough, it's going to be quite an expensive book, but I think when you're getting an eReader and a portable DVD player replacement in 1, it's not too badly priced (well assuming it's under £400).

My only concern is, when people have a choice between reading a book or watching a movie, are there really gonna be many books read on it? Time will tell I guess.

So, back to the iPhone HD. I'm really liking the theory on how multi-tasking is going to work, sounds very usable and therefore very apple! I also like the idea of being able to add direct access to contacts on the home screen - like speed dials! I know this is all basic stuff and should have been available from the start, but really, did even nokia get their OS right within 4 generations (some may say it's still not right!! and dont even get me started on windows).

So other things they are talking about is top of the range camera - all well and good but not top of my priority and full HD screen (hence the name).

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