Friday, 9 April 2010

iPhone OS4.0 and the New Sony Vaio

So, now it's been confirmed that iPhone OS4.0 will support multi-tasking. I won't comment much on this as there is an abundance of information out there about it, however I will pick up on the details of 5 times digital zoom.

The reason for this is that it aligns with the theory that the iPhone HD will have a far superior camera, but also I've heard rumours that the camera will move to the center of the back, rather than the top left. Moving to this position will be ideal to use the volume rocker as the zoom controls??

Other rumours I've heard about are some exciting Sony Vaio products on the way. It seems that they are starting to blur the lines somewhat between their products and now we will begin to see laptops that can remote play PS3 movies (like with the PSP), and also be used as a remote keyboard. But even more excitingly, I've heard about a new compact netbook that will include eReader software, where you can hold it like a book.

Looking at the dimensions, I figured it impossible to be anything particularly special, but rumours have it that the spec is going to be somewhat beefy for it's size.

I for one, am looking forward to checking this product out. Will it be an iPad killer though? Time will tell...

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